Ocean freight logistic services


Ocean freight is the method of transporting often large loads of goods by sea – putting cargo in large containers which are loaded onto vessels.

Benefits of services

1.Cost-Effective for Bulk Goods

  • It is cost-effective, especially for transporting bulk goods over long distances, compared to other modes of transportation.

2.Large Capacity

  • Ships have a large cargo capacity, making them suitable for transporting a significant amount of goods in one shipment.

3. Global Reach:

  • Ocean freight allows for transportation to virtually any part of the world, making it an essential mode for international trade and commerce.

4. Eco-Friendly

  • In terms of carbon emissions per ton of cargo transported, ocean freight is often more environmentally friendly compared to air freight.

5.Less Traffic Congestion

  • As compared to road transportation, ships encounter less traffic congestion, providing a smoother and more predictable transit time.

6.Versatility in Cargo Types

  • It accommodates a wide range of cargo types, including raw materials, finished goods, vehicles, and even hazardous materials.

7. Less Packaging Required

  • Due to the stability of shipping containers and limited handling, less packaging is often required, reducing costs and environmental impact.

8. Reliable Schedules:

  • Ocean carriers typically have reliable schedules, allowing for better


Our road freight solutions

In basic terms, our road freight solutions sometimes connect to ocean freight. Ocean freight involves moving goods on huge ships across the seas. It's like a bridge that helps transport goods from roads to ships, allowing us to move things to different parts of the world using the sea. This is particularly useful for transporting a lot of goods at once over long distances in a cost-effective way.