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AMB operate a variety of high quality services worldwide, whether for Import, Export, Triangle or Domestic. We offer a full suite of services by Air, Ocean, Road & Rail in order to provide you the optimum balance of time and money.

AMB provide contract warehousing and distribution services from modern facilities and sophisticated warehouse management systems to provide integrated real-time inventory management.

Harvinder Paul Singh
Founder & CEO

Our mission

Aligned to our Corporate Philosophy, our mission is to ensure our customers, our employees and anyone engaging with AMB , experience Confidence, Comfort and Enjoyment.

Our Vision

The AMB Logistic will continue to provide “confidence,” “comfort” and “enjoyment” while working with local communities to foster mutual development.



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AMB Logistic will strive to draw on our group’s management resources, further refine our products and services, and improve our corporate value. In order to inform as many people as possible of our vision for the future, we came up with a new corporate message: “Connecting your dreams”

On time delivery

We provide services connected with all aspects of people’s daily lives, and must behave as a community planning company whose goal is to create a richer future for all. -

global service

We aspire to provide customers and local communities with innovative products and services that are filled with compassion. We hope to share the dreams and future aspirations of people from all walks of life, and to grow together while realizing these dreams. Our wish is to play a beneficial role in society by creating increased appeal and prosperity throughout our transportation network.


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